Contact lens aftercare

Regular check-ups provide the chance to ensure that patients get the best out of their contact lenses, that they always use the most suitable products available to them, and that the lenses they are wearing are still appropriate for their eyes. Advances in contact lenses and solutions are constantly being made, bringing new benefits to contact lens wearers.

The contact lens practitioner will advise patients how often they should have check-ups. It is unlikely to be over a year between appointments and if the lenses are new or need careful observation, check-ups will be at much shorter intervals.

Contact lenses rarely cause serious eye complications. However, changes to the eye can occur in contact lens wear without patients noticing any symptoms. In such cases, without regular check-ups, serious damage could occur to the eyes.

Contact lens wearers need to remember to check their eyes each time they wear lenses. If their eyes feel uncomfortable or look red, or if their vision becomes blurred with either eye, patients are advised to remove their contact lenses straight away, leave them off and seek advice from their contact lens practitioner immediately, even if they are not due for a check-up.