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We offer a thorough eye examination for adults and kids over 5 years old including, glaucoma screening, dry eye assessment and fundus pictures (the back surface of the eye).

Adults: Adults should test their eyes at least every two years. However sometimes more frequent exams are required if somebody has a health condition such as diabetes or high blood pressure, works in a visually demanding job, or take medications that can affect eyesight.

Computer Users: Most people are now using computer for work or at home, resulting in an obvious increase in the number of people complaining of eye strain, difficulty focusing, dry eyes, blurred vision and headaches. Extended and prolonged use of computers can lead to tired/sore eyes and discomfort. Some tips that can help include frequent breaks from the computer, adequate lighting, modifications in the workstation, and the use of lenses specifically for computer screens.

Drivers: Drivers are legally required to be able to read a number plate from a distance of 20.5 metres and to wear their corrective prescription eyewear at all times. Drivers should always wear their glasses or contact lenses if they need them for driving. If they don’t, they are breaking the law and putting others at risk. Drivers could benefit from certain coatings and lenses that could provide maximum clarity of vision.

eye examination - George opticals | Optician in Paphos

Over 40s: Presbyopia is a natural condition experienced by people generally after the age of 40 years old. Symptoms of presbyopia include visual blur and discomfort for near work. The main cause of this phenomenon is the ageing of the crystalline lens resulting in decreased accommodation (that is the capability of the lens to change its dioptric power when focusing at near). There are different ways to manage presbyopia, including bifocal lenses that is and old type of lens, varifocals that give a gradual change in the prescription, reading glasses or even contact lenses that give freedom from glasses with very positive outcomes. Based on the needs and lifestyles of each person the optometrist can recommend the best available option to correct presbyopia.

Over 60s: As part of the natural ageing process, eyesight might change a little bit with increased age. Best possible quality of vision can be retained by regular check-ups once a year, friendly and responsive advice and correct eyewear. Early diagnosis of any age related ocular pathologies is crucial for better prognosis.

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