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Gucci presents a new limited-edition eyewear collection, which is characterized by bold detachable chains that dangle from the glasses’ temples, displaying logoed “earrings”.

This innovative idea stems from Gucci’s belief that people should be able to express character and personality through their clothing and accessories, and is typical of Gucci’s unconventional approach, transforming eyewear by adding an unexpected element of playfulness.

Three limited-edition sunglasses styles are available, and each comes in two different colors. The availability is truly restricted, with only 100 pairs of each version being made.

Two of the frames are more conventionally feminine in their design, while the third is more masculine, though in reality this selection is intended to have a gender-neutral appeal, in keeping with Gucci’s aesthetic. All models have temples that look like shiny Endura Gold chains, and the actual chains attached to the “earrings” fix onto these.